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Our areas of expertise

Insurance Agent

Small, medium and large enterprise sector, public institutions - full legal support

We provide a full range of legal services on a long-term basis to Hungarian companies and international investors operating in various fields (eg pharmaceuticals, IT services that meet niche market needs, financial services, real estate investments), as well as as outsourced legal services to public institutions.

Real estate law

We deal with real estate and related legal issues from A to Z, in a full spectrum, whether it is individual transactions or large-scale investments. We also provide assistance - if necessary with the involvement of a tax expert - in tax issues, construction disputes and financing issues.

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Főoldal: Practices
Insurance Agent

Disputes - out of court and in court

In litigation, our practice is extremely extensive (including representation in international forums such as the Court of Human Rights). On a daily basis, we deal with the legal representation of companies, other organizations and individuals in civil, administrative, economic, labor, lawsuits and non-litigation cases.

It is important, however, that in all cases where there is a chance of a realistic compromise, we strive to reach it - a less perfect agreement is always worth more than an unenforceable verdict fought out as a result of a long trial.

Everything that is data

We are permanent legal partners of companies engaged in data analysis and data mining, some of which we have been working for almost a decade and a half.

A significant part of our activity is:

- data protection consultancy;

- tailoring data protection regulations and data privacy information to organizations;
- holding the position of data protection officer in organizations;
- data protection audit, monitoring.

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Főoldal: Practices

Our Online Services

so that life does not stop under COVID

Business Meeting

Online consultation

We provide the possibility of video telephone consultation in simpler matters.


Consult our staff in advance about the conditions of use.

Making Notes

Online transactions

To a limited extent, to the extent permitted by the applicable legislation, in cases requiring a lawyer's countersignature, it is possible to conclude transactions between absentees.

For details, please inquire at one of our contact details.

Team Meeting

Preparation of comprehensive legal analyzes

For more complex legal cases and legal disputes, we prepare a short written analysis to help the client considering the possibilities and possible scenarios, according to conditions clearly defined in advance - if the specifics of the given case allow it.

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How can you contact us?

1037 Budapest, Bécsi út 182.
Parking on Táborhegyi út

+ 36-1-999-1278

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